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All images by Sachin Khona, Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Lily and Kevin // Spanish Banks Pre Wedding Session

Sunsets and Beaches.

Vancouver has been winning lately.

Spanish Banks Pre Wedding Session
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  • Mark Pacura - Those colors on last photos are great!

  • Kat Forsyth - Super cool portraits!

  • Amanda Lamb - You always manage to make me swoon. Gorgeous as always.

  • Paul Krol - Great as always, Sachin. Love the b&w’s and you had some nice sun to work with too which you captured perfectly.

  • tobiah - great compositions, love that last shot!

  • Lyn Ismael-Bennett - That last image should be a BIG canvas on their wall!

  • Matt - Love the last shot. You did a great job!

  • Alyssa Schroeder - I love their outfits, they fit the location perfectly! So much happiness here.

  • Avelaine S - Love! These are some seriously beautiful photos.

  • Alan Langley - Some lovely shots, really like you black and whites.

  • Jon - super fresh

  • Caroline - So so good, my friend. So good.

Spanish Banks Wedding Photographer

Last weekend with Lily & Kevin at Spanish Banks.

Spanish Banks Wedding Photographer

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  • Janet Palmer - Yay for tiny people in love.
    Beautiful colours

  • Albert Palmer - Aw man – so beautiful!

  • Joe - I love that the couple still clearly stands out even though they are so tiny! Excellent composition. :)

  • Gabby - Beautiful setting and frame!

  • kong wai - GORGEOUS

  • ed peers - Yeah!

  • Shahriar - So good mate.

  • Alyssa Schroeder - Gorgeous shot. Love the trees on one side and mountains on the other!

  • Mandy - I totally agree with Tim this needs to be blown up! SO good Sachin.

  • Tim Kamppinen - This NEEDS to be a 40×60! Awesome shot.

All images by Sachin Khona, Leica Street Photographer Vancouver

Vancouver over the last 2 weeks. All images taken with Leica Mini II. Developed and Scanned the film at home. #homebrew

Roll 1 – Ilford FP4 Plus

Keep Vancouver Wet
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  • Chris - Wow. Developed and printed at home. Impressive dude.

  • Tim Kamppinen - That escalator self-portrait is awesome.

  • small - Love the dog and the shark!

  • Joe - Love the lab!!

  • ALMA // - You are a champ!

  • Neville Black - Ive never seen the Keep Van Wet sign before. Where ’bouts is it? Its awesome :) Nice shots dude, Im diggin the camera.

  • Brittany - I so love this personal work! Seriously the best. The shaky head dog shot. Le swoon.

  • Sabrina Kolotylo - This is so incredibly good Sachin! Makes my heart skip a beat

  • Amy Barton - Leica Mini II what a camera – awesome set of images! Gotta love a spot of black and white!

  • Janice - Love these Sachin! especially the ones of Lily “The Chocolate Pig”! So cool that you developed and scanned them at home!

Autumn & Aaron

Vancouver Studio Portrait Photographer

Mamiya 645, Portra 800, Tri-X 400 & Caribou Film Lab on the rub. #believeinfilm 

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  • Chris - Loving your film work. Fantastic.

  • Alan Langley - Lovely work – really cool, clean look and feel.

  • PJ - some FINE portraits!

  • Shyann - Beautiful light! Love love that last portrait of the two of them!

  • lisa lacroix - Take my breath away stunning. I love how you use window light <3

  • Nessa - I love the simplicity and calmness of this session. It’s one of my favorites of yours, Sachin. Seriously lovely.

  • Amber Hughes - Love how strong yet simple these are. Great work Sach!

  • Sam - lovely set buddy – great light in these and gorgeous tones too. really digging that last frame :)

  • Dianne Godwin - Beautiful, Sachin! Such a fantastic set of images. :-)

  • Nikole - You can tell that they really have a connection in these photos – well done!

  • Tim Kamppinen - Great use of window light!

  • Nathan Gilmer - These ar really inspirational. So many shoots all look the same, I love seeing stuff like this that is unique and simple and beautiful. Great job.

  • damian burcher - Saw a sneak peek of a few these previously. Great to see the whole set.

  • Amy Barton - Such a fab set of portraits – love the ‘film’ quality in these pics. Nice work!

  • Rachelle - Beautiful photos! I love a creative couple.

Martina y Pedro

Barcelona, Catalonia Photographer

These two .. plus one on the way.

Magic times and beautiful light in Barcelona a few weeks ago.

Barcelona Catalonia Photographer
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  • Chris Turner - Great light and location. Fantastic work.

  • Nathan Gilmer - That light and this colors and that architecture and those people and your compositions…this is a great set. Amazing job.

  • Jakob - Cool light, cool location, cool people, cool photos. Well done, Sachin.

  • caroline - wow, sachin. you are just a lighting and shadows genius, aren’t you?

  • Luke Hayden - Well these are great Sachin! Your style is my cup of tea ;)

  • Cole - Barcelona! Wicked man. The Sachin’s getting around in 2014.

  • Isabelle - Great, the whole feel in this shoot, yummy! Really enjoy your work, Sachin!

  • Julianne - Beautiful work as usual, Sachin! That light is so warm and perfect.

  • Shahriar - Fantastic set of images mate. Really nice work.

  • David - Brilliant Sachin, so good! Love your style.

  • Jen - Stunning, Sachin. The couple, the light, the architecture. What a treasure!

  • Shari - Absolutely magical!

  • Martín Solís - tas igual a tu viejo Peter. mi adorada Barçalona

  • mathias - yeeeeahh man! love the first b&w portrait by the palm trees especially.

  • Taylor Roades - Barcelona light, damn.

  • damian burcher - Brilliant set, love the black and white couple shot about 7 down and also the one after it with just her back lit with the bright sky.

  • Erin K Wilson - Beautiful session Sachin!!

  • Rich - Great set of images mate. Really good work.

  • John Hope - Aaarrrrrgh! Love this!

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