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Martina y Pedro

Barcelona, Catalonia Photographer

These two .. plus one on the way.

Magic times and beautiful light in Barcelona a few weeks ago.

Barcelona Catalonia Photographer
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  • Chris Turner - Great light and location. Fantastic work.

  • Nathan Gilmer - That light and this colors and that architecture and those people and your compositions…this is a great set. Amazing job.

  • Jakob - Cool light, cool location, cool people, cool photos. Well done, Sachin.

  • caroline - wow, sachin. you are just a lighting and shadows genius, aren’t you?

  • Luke Hayden - Well these are great Sachin! Your style is my cup of tea ;)

  • Cole - Barcelona! Wicked man. The Sachin’s getting around in 2014.

  • Isabelle - Great, the whole feel in this shoot, yummy! Really enjoy your work, Sachin!

  • Julianne - Beautiful work as usual, Sachin! That light is so warm and perfect.

  • Shahriar - Fantastic set of images mate. Really nice work.

  • David - Brilliant Sachin, so good! Love your style.

  • Jen - Stunning, Sachin. The couple, the light, the architecture. What a treasure!

  • Shari - Absolutely magical!

  • Martín Solís - tas igual a tu viejo Peter. mi adorada Barçalona

  • mathias - yeeeeahh man! love the first b&w portrait by the palm trees especially.

  • Taylor Roades - Barcelona light, damn.

  • damian burcher - Brilliant set, love the black and white couple shot about 7 down and also the one after it with just her back lit with the bright sky.

  • Erin K Wilson - Beautiful session Sachin!!

  • Rich - Great set of images mate. Really good work.

  • John Hope - Aaarrrrrgh! Love this!

Main Street Engagement Session

Melissa & Andrew

First time for me, shooting with a couple in my very own neighbourhood. I absolutely love East Van and Main Street and enjoyed hanging out with Melissa and Andrew. They live in the neighbourhood too and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding next year. Here are a few preview frames from the weekend.

Main Street Engagement Session
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  • Chris - Very very cool work.

  • Mark Pacura - First photo is just outstanding!

  • Nathan Gilmer - So cool. I love urban shoots like this.

  • Cole - #homesick

  • Douglas Pettway - Number is 2 all like: BOOM!

    love it!

  • Taylor - Sachin you are such a tease! I want to see more!! :) great frames!

  • Mandy - Killer shots Sachin! LEADING LINES= me drooling on my keyboard

  • Albert Palmer - Love that first one! Great vision Sachin.

  • Rachelle - These are gorgeous! I love how much this set of photos shows off both the couple and the environment.

  • ayesha - love these, especially the first one – perfect, with that huge spread of blossoms!

  • heather e - dang. i wish i lived in your neighborhood. seriously good light and cool surroundings. You rocked these images.

  • damian burcher - Love the composition on the last one.

  • Rog - Thumbs up buddy

  • John Bello - numero 2 I’m loving those lines

  • caroline - LOVE these frames, especially that first one! What a sweet neighborhood y’all live in.

Studio Sessions Vancouver Portrait Photographer

One from a couple of weeks ago inside the new studio space.

My first time shooting a couples session inside the studio and it was great. I can’t wait to do more.. and share more from this one.

Mamiya 645, Portra 800 & Caribou Film Lab on the rub. #believeinfilm

Studio Sessions Vancouver Portrait Photographer

Autumn and Aaron are amazing. They own a custom furniture and art business called FABRIKAAT and you can check out their work HERE. View full post »

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  • ed peers - Owning that film dude :)

  • Anton Chia - Superb! Love the feel in this shot. Those eyes..

  • Teresa K - Fantastic frame my friend!

  • Tyler - dude. such awesome color.

  • Kat Forsyth - Normally I don’t comment on single images, but this is superb!

  • Shella - Beautiful image!

  • damian burcher - Love the layers and depth in this photo. “why is her head cut off, what does she look like, what is she smiling about, what is he thinking, why is he looking in a different direction to her”. Love the hand on his shoulder.

  • rahul - Great image bro…loving your film work.

  • Janet Palmer - beautiful image

  • Natalie Champa Jennings - Colors are rad! Lovely.

  • Ross Harvey - Great light and composition bro! Cool beard :)

Martina & Pedro // One from Barcelona, Spain

These two + Barcelona = Awesome.

One from Barcelona


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Vancouver & Destinations

Wedding & Portrait Photographer Vancouver

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  • Chris - Love that wall, really good choice of background.

Black and White // Personal Work 

Just over 1 year ago I started shooting film again.

4 weeks ago, I signed up for a course at the Define School on film taught by Nate Kaiser and Roger Ellsworth, called The Film Life

Today, I can develop and scan my own black and white film. Right from the comfort of my own home. It’s beautiful and I’m over the moon.

Some frames here below from literally yesterday, shooting around Downtown and East Van.

All images taken with the Leica Mini II, Tri-X 400 black and white 35mm film. Developed at home (yes!) with Ilfosol 3.

Onto the images ..

Black and Whites // Personal Work
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  • ayesha - great images as always, sachin! i love the way you see things. exciting to be able to really “make” the photo by yourself, from shutter-click to print! i’d love to do that again someday. can’t wait to see what else you do!

  • Mark Pacura - Great stuff and a really good eye.

  • caroline - love all of these sachin but that first one especially gets me. nice work, man.

  • h - SO awesome! I have been wanting to get back to this a bit… Thanks for the inspiration!

  • stefan - great to see some BW film photography. Timeless and good!

  • Cole - I’m floored for you. These look so good.

  • tobiah - Great shots Sachin, you have a wonderful eye

  • Adam Ward - Great set Sachin! Love the old school street photography feel to the shots.

  • damian burcher - That first shot is amazing, so many layers and depth.

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