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All images by Sachin Khona, Creative Whistler Engagement Photographer

Elaine and Des // Preview

Whistler Engagement session
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  • ed peers - Boom!

  • Karthika - Love it! Very romantic.

  • Bob - light to die for, sweet.

  • Britney - Love the light in that first image! The reflecting is perfect for their skin!

  • Shari - LOVE.

  • Brett - All three are just freaking perfect

  • Johanna - So dreamy. Love the BW shot!

  • Adam Riley - Gorgeous images, especially love that last shot – epic!

  • Danny - Rocked it ! Im sure the rest of the images are just as fantastic as these three ! Kudos Sachin

  • Joe - Love that black and white! So nice. :)

  • Teresa K - Beautiful portraits Sachin!

  • bryan - that first image is so stunning!

  • Tyler - the composition on that last shot is money.

  • Gabby T - Love the first frame!

  • Mark Pacura - I love the first frame, beautiful!

  • Sarah - Gorgeous as always!

  • Douglas Pettway - dude, you’re just knocking these outta the park! Beautiful work here.

  • Adam Ward - That first shot is perfect! The lines, the pose, the perspective.

Kelly and James // Engaged! 

All images by Sachin Khona, Creative Vancouver Photographer

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  • Derek - Such a fun and beautiful session with some excellent light!

  • Bryan Dale - Love these. That last shot is rad.

  • damian burcher - Super cool, she is beautiful.

  • Yolande Marx - Sachin that third photo is the bomb!!

  • Jan Clark Trerise - Fab photos! Love the location and, of course, the couple!!

  • Alyssa Schroeder - I love that first shot. Spring and luscious long grass are my favourites :)

  • Douglas Pettway - Gorgeous couple. I really love the movement in the single portraits.

  • Adam Ward - Sweet shoot. The last frame is too smooth.

  • Jennifer Williams - YEAHHHHHH!!

  • heather nan - Yes it will be the jam. The last image, yep.

  • Zaira Diaz - LOVE!!!

  • Rachel - Sachin — you got that light and that love. Really into that third image that shows such a good connection. High fives.

  • James Grass - Wow Sach, bad ass shots mate!
    Thank you for a great shoot yesterday, it was a tonne of fun!

  • Kelly Trerise - SACHIN!!!!!!! I DIE! I’m obsessed! Thank you for taking the time to make James and I feel like our love is so incredible that it must be shown to the world. We respect your art in every aspect but when you capture us so perfectly we are indebted to you. Thank you Sachin. Thank you <3 <3

  • Danny - You killed it with these so awesome.

  • Ross Harvey - Super duper my friend! Always bang on the money as they say :¬)

  • Dennis Pike - Super cool. that couple has Style For Miles

  • caroline - good lord this is a good-looking couple! love their style! love the emotion n that frame third row down.

  • small - Gorgeous! Love the light in those first pics, and totally love her sequined dress!

  • Amber Hughes - Dang… love that last shot. Awesome work Sachin!

Completely blown away!

Kristine and Matt’s wedding last year is not only featured in Real Weddings Magazine but one of the images also made the front cover!

They will be distributed province wide today and I cannot wait to see them in stores.

Vancouver Wedding Photographer

I received this email yesterday from Kim Mah, Editor of Real Weddings.

“Hi Sachin,
I hope you’re having a great week! 

We’re expecting our new spring/summer issue in our offices anytime now, but we just couldn’t wait to share with you the fabulous cover – featuring your gorgeous photo of Kristine and Matt. Congratulations!”

Whaaat? .. I couldn’t believe it .. I nearly fell of my chair. Honestly.

For those that know me, I’ve only been in Canada for a short few years and to have something like this happen for me, is quite honestly, HUGE. I never expected it, getting into the magazine was huge enough but this is another level. Passing the magazine at my local book stores, grocery stores, the airport, etc .. wow, thats gonna be crayzeeeee.

BIG fat massive hugs to Kristine and Matthew for choosing me to be a part of their farm wedding in Victoria by capturing their story through my eyes. You both had faith in me from the start, you let me do my thing and I’m so happy that this is now happening. Can’t even imagine what seeing a magazine in the store with your faces on must be like. You’ll have to tell me! :)

I got this message from Matt yesterday

“Dude this is crazy awesome — we saw your work and were totally captivated (and continue to be) and now everyone can see it too! I’m stoked for that.”

Made my day.

The online version is available right now, but I’m waiting to see it in print later today!


You can see the blogged version on my website HERE

Have a great weekend!



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Vancouver Wedding Photographer

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  • caroline - man sachin, i am so proud of you! well-deserved and more! such a great image for a cover!

  • Joseph West - DUDE. So awesome! Beautiful. Congrats.

  • Mandy - SO EXCITING! Really happy for your Sachin! Well deserved, and such a gorgeous image. <3

  • Jen - Great job, Sachin! Beautiful couple. Congrats on the feature!

  • Ben Godkin - Congrats! You deserve the recognition!

  • Jessie - Congratulations to an amazing photographer and a beautiful couple!

  • Veronica Varos - Gorgeous image! Not surprised by the cover feature at all. Congratulations!

  • Paul Nguyen - Congrats!

  • Albert Palmer - Nice one mate – I bet that image will sell the magazine out on day 1!

  • John Bello - Yeahhh! Whooop, there it is!

  • Mercedes - Congrats! What an honor.

  • Teresa K - Absolutely wonderful and well deserved!

  • Matt - Awesome man, congratulations.

  • Scott W - Well done mate, congrats

  • Igor Demba - Brap brap. Well done bro!

  • Tomasz Wagner - Congrats man, that’s awesome! So great to see your work on the front cover of Real Weddings!

All images by Sachin Khona, Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Lily and Kevin // Spanish Banks Pre Wedding Session

Sunsets and Beaches.

Vancouver has been winning lately.

Spanish Banks Pre Wedding Session
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  • Mark Pacura - Those colors on last photos are great!

  • Kat Forsyth - Super cool portraits!

  • Amanda Lamb - You always manage to make me swoon. Gorgeous as always.

  • Paul Krol - Great as always, Sachin. Love the b&w’s and you had some nice sun to work with too which you captured perfectly.

  • tobiah - great compositions, love that last shot!

  • Lyn Ismael-Bennett - That last image should be a BIG canvas on their wall!

  • Matt - Love the last shot. You did a great job!

  • Alyssa Schroeder - I love their outfits, they fit the location perfectly! So much happiness here.

  • Avelaine S - Love! These are some seriously beautiful photos.

  • Alan Langley - Some lovely shots, really like you black and whites.

  • Jon - super fresh

  • Caroline - So so good, my friend. So good.

Spanish Banks Wedding Photographer

Last weekend with Lily & Kevin at Spanish Banks.

Spanish Banks Wedding Photographer

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  • Janet Palmer - Yay for tiny people in love.
    Beautiful colours

  • Albert Palmer - Aw man – so beautiful!

  • Joe - I love that the couple still clearly stands out even though they are so tiny! Excellent composition. :)

  • Gabby - Beautiful setting and frame!

  • kong wai - GORGEOUS

  • ed peers - Yeah!

  • Shahriar - So good mate.

  • Alyssa Schroeder - Gorgeous shot. Love the trees on one side and mountains on the other!

  • Mandy - I totally agree with Tim this needs to be blown up! SO good Sachin.

  • Tim Kamppinen - This NEEDS to be a 40×60! Awesome shot.

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