Anna + Tom

Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre Wedding

SquamishLilwatCulturalCentreWedding001A short preview from an incredible day in Whistler celebrating Anna and Tom’s wedding. A beautiful, emotional and intimate first look followed by a ceremony performed by Tom’s father, ending with an epic celebration at Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre. View full post »

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  • Kelly Clapperton - Oh wow Sachin. Just incredible. The BW image of the brides veil is amazing

Katie and Nolan

North Vancouver Wedding Photographer


Katie and Nolan’s wedding on Saturday was awesome. We hoped for an outdoor ceremony, but Vancouver decided to rain its hardest in 2 months and so the ceremony was moved indoors.. But that didn’t matter one bit because it was just as beautiful.

30 close family and friends comfortably sat in Katie’s parents living room and the ceremony was perfect. My favourite moment of the day was probably seeing Katie’s father give her a massive squeeze right after the ceremony, the expression on Katie’s face .. so good!

We then headed to the lush rainforests in North Vancouver, taking portraits in between rain, before heading to the Vancouver Club for an epic celebration full of surprises. I can’t wait to share more from this one!

Here’s a preview for now ..

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Sarah and Obie

A Brock House Wedding


Couldn’t have asked for a better way to start my wedding season in Vancouver. Sarah and Obie, you guys are incredible and I’m so thankful you chose me to capture your day. Wish you both all the best!

Here’s a small preview from the day at Brock House. Big thanks to an incredible team who put this day together  Shirley Glua for event planning, Margaret Lai for make up skillz, Stephanie Loreal for hair, flowers by Kits flower market, Cake by Nicole and music by Greg Neufeld along with DJ Man About Town for bringing the party. A day I won’t soon forget .. View full post »

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Cuba Street Photographer

March 2016

Havana – Santa Clara – Trinidad – Cienfuegos – Havana

CubaStreetPhotographer 16 ASEI love the unexpected nature of the streets. Going out and photographing, not knowing what lies around the corner. Surprises, opportunities, serendipity, stillness .. Life. There is always something. Walking around in Cuba, it was hard not to see the beauty in the most simplest of things.

At the start of our trip, I was too much in my own head. Trying too hard to make images work, worrying about composition, framing, lighting, movement, contrast .. everything. As soon as I let go, enjoyed being in the moment, things started to click.

I walked and felt so much clarity in the thoughtlessness of walking around. Just smiling, being with people and the streets and then the photos just happened.

Trips like this are refreshing. I get to spend time with my thoughts, meditate in full awe of this amazing planet we live on. I need these trips each year .. It was India a few years ago, Myanmar last year and this year, Cuba.

Here is a preview and a few of my favourite images from 2 weeks in a land of so much colour and beauty.

Thank you Cuba. View full post »

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  • Gerry - Some frames deserve place in street photography history

  • Adonye Jaja - So so Good man

  • Mark Pool - Amazing collection of photographs. You clearly have an amazing vision for great moments in time.

  • Aleks - Sachin awesome frames!!!

  • Dom // York Place Studios - I love these Sach, I can see your style all over them. Heartbreakingly beautiful. The one of the old lady in the mirror. DUDDDDDDDE.

  • Nick Evans - Love these Sachin, some really great compositions.

  • James fear - That light! God these are good xx

  • lisa lacroix - These are fantastic!!!!

  • Briana Morrison - I love these! I’ve been wanting to visit cuba for a good while now. Hopefully I can make it happen before it changes too much. :-)

  • Luke Hayden - You’re on fire!!!

  • Aaron - Amazing set of images Sachin, but that last one has to be my favourite.

  • ayesha - bro… so, so good. i haven’t been inspired by street photography in a long time, but this is so great. story, composition, and light in every frame. i second what elissa said!

  • Nick Tucker - These are SO good.

  • Matthew Long - Mate, these are awesome. Great set, I especially love the last one of the guy laying down which mirrors the mural. Really well seen.

  • Victoria - These are really great Sachin, full of life!

  • Sam - really enjoyed looking at these dude. great eye :)

  • Albert Palmer - Amazing frames – love the one of the guy in the mirror and the curtain moving – magic!

  • John Hope - Superb dude!!

  • Lyndsey Goddard - Great images Sach! Pleased to hear it was a fantastic trip

  • maureen cassidy - These were amazing!!! Great job!

  • Adonye Jaja - C’mon dude.

  • Taylor - Sachin. The last frame. Ahhhhh

  • Anne-Claire Brun - Those are incredible!

  • Steve Fuller - Lovely images Sachin!

  • Amber Hughes - So many amazing moment Sachin! Can’t wait to hear all about your trip XX

  • Elissa - So good. Sachin, have you considered publishing an art book of your travel photos? I’d buy one for sure.

Mumbai Wedding // India

Manasvi + Ketan

MumbaiWeddingPhotographerView full post »

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  • Mark White - Stunning work. This is a seriously cinematic collection of photographs. Everyone looks so authentic.

  • Adam - Beautifully, intimately, very well captured. Very good job Sachin !

  • Mark Edin - God I love the look of Indian weddings. The colors are amazing. Great work.

  • Dustin Cantrell - Awesome!

  • Daisy - Superb pics :)

  • Rachna Bhatia - Love the pictures! Congrats you guys. Hope to see you soon

  • Bijal - Outstanding pics… loved it:)

  • Erik Daniel Ferguson - Great work!

  • Neville Black - Dude. Killer pics. Incredible experience, I can only imagine. Can’t wait to see more!

  • Jay - Sachin, dude, these are gorgeous. It’s hardly surprising they chose you to photograph their beautiful story. Really can’t wait to see more. (You’re gonna show us more, right? Right??) x

Alissa // Exploring // RED

The start to each calendar year is always a good time to explore and play.

And its always good to jam with Alissa Hansen.

AlissaBandPass Blog

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  • Jorge Villalba - Awesome intimate atmosphere captured. Glad to arrive to your space!

  • Dom - Man I love these. Excellent job Sach :)

  • Isabelle Hesselberg - Wow! Such a cool set! Just awesome!

  • Jessica Schilling - Cool set and mood!

  • Luke Hayden - Yes Sachin! Great mood in these frames.

  • Mercedes - Really great exploration of that light and poses. Great work—again!

  • therese winberg - Loved it! Felt very refreshing to see some new use of a different light.

  • Darin Collison - Really digging these images.

  • Adam Ward - Really interesting use of light, love the look of the opening image!

  • James Fear - Sachin stunning use of light and subject – bravo

  • Amy Barton - Very moody and atmospheric Sachin – I love a creative project!

  • Albert Palmer - Cool use of light Sachin – really moody and cool looking!

  • Marcela - yessss! I love the red tones in this series, so moody in a good way!

  • Teresa K - I’m seeing red in the best way possible…awesome stuff Sachin!

Fantasy Farms Wedding

New Years Eve 2015, Toronto

Jessica + Bernard

What a way to end the year 2015 …


I flew out to Toronto to hang with Jessica, Bernard and their awesome family and friends. We’ve only met a few times, but from the moment I landed in Ontario, I felt I was with family.

Jessica and Bernard chose to have their wedding back at home in Toronto, on New Year’s Eve with family flying in from all over the world and around Canada to be with them at Fantasy Farms. It was an epic party, made even more epic because they started the new year and their new life with everyone that means so much to them.

I feel truly honoured to have been a part of your day guys ..  It was magic.

Here are a few preview images for now ..

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  • Teresa K - Love, happiness, and really killer pics…that’s what it’s really all about, yes?

  • Dom - YES. YES. YES. Love it Sach :) x

  • Isabelle Hesselberg - Just amazing, so perfectly captured! Awesome portraits & storytelling, love this!

  • tobiah - stunning, cool, beautiful and stylish all at once!

  • Damian - Wow that last party shot!!Almost makes me wish I had been there.

  • Jack Chauvel - What a way to ring in the new year! Great stuff Sachin :)

  • Anton Chia - I just love it! Great BW portrait in the trees.

  • Amy Barton - Wow – that’s one heck of a party right there! Awesome all round!

  • Josef Largoza - Amazing photos!

  • therese winberg - beautiful captured Sachin, looks like a great time to spend your New Years!

  • Jay Andre Hulario - Excellent shots Sachin! I’m glad to have met you. Great job on huslting around everywhere!

  • Tyler - new years eve weddings. so freakin fun. rad work dude.

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