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Melissa + Andrew


Melissa and Andrew’s wedding last month at The Diamond in Gastown was nothing short of special. Beautifully designed, small and intimate, they were surrounded by their nearest and dearest. I had a great time shooting it and a big thanks goes to to Stephanie and her team from Sweetheart Events for making the day look so beautiful and run so smoothly.
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  • Teresa K - incredible!! and that bouncing on the couch shot makes me so happy!!

  • Rachael - Amazing Sachin, your work is always so great and this is a prime example!

  • /mariahedengren - Stunning work, Sachin. And I just love how you edit the black and whites. I think I keep saying that, but yeah, awesome shots.

  • Marie An Jason Lloyd - Beautiful work. Love your portraits

  • Sabrina Kolotylo - Love the Diamond!! Killer shots like usual! ;)

  • Sarah - So perfect, especially the getting ready coverage.

  • Tyler - the coverage! so great, dude.

  • Elissa - Sachinnnn. (I feel like I start all of my comments here like this, but I can’t help it.) Every frame is perfect. You captured so much emotion and perfection here. I love ittttt.

  • tobiah - So cool! You always see the really interesting shots nobody else sees! Love it Sachin!

  • Danny Gorman - These are soooooo good man! You are killing it!

Myanmar // Novice Monks of Kalaw

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  • Paul Krol - You captured the mood/ambience of these monks in their setting quite nicely.

  • ayesha - perfection, bro. as always, but this is definitely special. i love the way you see things!

  • Shyann - Wow. Stunning images. Amazing light. Love it

  • Tyler - dang, dude.

  • Rachael - Amazing photos of such an interesting subject. Great work!

  • Eva - Sachin, this pictures are amazing! They need to be shown somewhere in a gallery!

  • Veronica Varos - These – are – utterly – incredible. I have no other words. Just, wow. Wait, no, I do have more words. This is like opening an amazing, famous issue of National Geographic magazine.

  • Sarah - Man that light is killer and you made some gorgeous images with it. Stunning.

  • Mariana Herrera Mosli - beautiful!

  • Susan - Stunning! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Elissa - These are some absolutely beautiful photos, Sachin. I love the last one. I hope to see you in a week :)

  • Heather - So so so beautifully done Sachin. I actually paused my netflix to look at these more closely. That’s a pretty high honor.

  • Per Henning - Epic shots Sachin!

  • Adonye Jaja - This is beautiful Sachin. All A’s bro.

Star Captains // Vancouver

A night jamming in Fortune listening to this amazing Vancouver based band. The Star Captains.

Check them out on bandcamp here:

Soul, funk, hip hop .. awesomeness.

A great excuse for me to test out the Nikon D750 in really low light. A lot of these photos are shot at ISO 12800 at f/1.8 with the 35mm f/1.8.

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Myanmar // Documentary Street Photographer

This year, I took a month to travel around SE Asia. 2 weeks in Laos and Thailand followed by an epic 2 weeks in Myanmar with 3 friends / brothers Kristian Leven, Ross Harvey and Matt Tyler. The trip was organised by Kristian and when he asked me if I was interested in going to Myanmar (Burma), there was no way I was going to say no!

Myanmar Documentary Street Photographer

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  • Kristian Leven - Duuude, holy, moly….a big part of me is so happy that I’ve had to wait till now to view this set, because its managed to bring all the memories back again. Man, this is such a heart-warming post, been going through this with a big smile and occasional laughter :) Such a pleasure doing this with you dude, and here’s to many more trips my good man

  • Nisha Ravji - What a beautiful set of images Sachin! so much movement and calm at the same time x

  • kong wai - Amazing work !!

  • Liam - Mind blowing travel photojournalism Sachin, absolute world class bro

  • Teresa K - What an incredible place and experience!! So many wonderful captures. Well done!!

  • Aaron - Sachin – Amazing. It was great to sit down and take some time looking at this set. Your perspective and use of light, it’s beautiful. You should print some (or many) of these!

  • Lyn Ismael-Bennett - I love how you documented their daily lives in such an artful way. So many good frames to see here!

  • Mark Trela - Dude, these images are incredible. You have an amazing eye.

  • Jessica Schilling - So amazing, Sachin! Really looks like the trip of a lifetime. Thanks for sharing it through your beautiful images.

  • Albert Palmer - Wow – off the scale. SO much to appreciate here Sach. Great to see lots of colour images and some amazing street work.

  • Elissa - Sachin! This looks like such an amazing experience. Your photos are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing xx

  • Zoe Barrie - Oh Sachin, I was utterly captivated by these, often finding myself with a wee smile on my face at the humour too. I LOVED every single of one of these. You are, completely awesome … what a trip ! <3 x

  • Steven Carter Hewson - What an absolutely incredible set. Blown away dude.

  • tim - Off the scale Sachin. What an amazing trip. Will have to look at this a few times.

  • Caroline Lima-Benusa - This is really amazing my friend! your photos make me want to hit the road! :-)

  • JC Page - Phenomenal work – you have so much talent!!!

  • Adam Riley - Amazing mate. So many perfect frames. Trip of a lifetime :-)

  • Alyssa - These are so cool, Sachin. I love the b&w of the ships!

  • Luke Hayden - Dude, really enjoyed looking through this and you got so many incredible portraits!

  • Dom - I love these Sachin. So many amazing frames! Can’t wait to see you this week, it is going to be so awesome! :D

  • Mike Drofenik - awesome images Sachin! Brings back fond memories!!!

  • Jamie - Inspiring stuff Sachin, I think my biggest wow moment was the street photos of the guys with the sacks on their back. Cracking shots

  • Darren Gair - Sensational work Sachin. Truly amazing coverage of a fantastic trip. Please take me with you guys next time, ill carry your bags and convert to Arsenal…. well, maybe just carry your bags.

  • Igor Demba - Incredible work bro. So many wall hangers!

  • Adonye Jaja - Khona your voice is so earnest, so passionate. Thank You!

  • Erik Daniel Ferguson - Great work as usual Sachin.

  • Amber Hughes - Dude… Sachin… that was off the hook. I just got lost in that blog post being amazed time and time again. So many beautiful frames I wouldn’t know where to begin choosing favourites. Thanks for sharing so much!

  • Roger Hur - Great images as always Sachin. Makes me miss travelling.

  • Chris - Really awesome set Sachin! So many great images, so much variety!

  • Ross Harvey - Amazing stuff bro, so many crackers. A true pleasure to get to know you properly, and even share a bed. Twice! ;) Manhugs!

The Diamond

Gastown Wedding Photographer

Melissa and Andrew

1-TheDiamondVancouverWeddingKicked off 2015 with a cracker. Melissa and Andrew chose The Diamond in Gastown to get married and it was a beautiful Sunday in March. Could not have asked for better weather and Vancouver really bought the awesome for these two.

Here’s a short preview for now ..
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  • Joseph - Love the moments you captured here!

  • Jessica Schilling - Such a great teaser! Each one of these is stunning!

  • Petar - cool last frame dude! looking forward too see it all…

  • Inta - The last frame is such a stunner! Killed it!

  • Rahul Khona - Love that last frame, stunning image bro.

  • Jason - Always look forward to your work, Mr Khona. Freakin’ love that last frame, keen as to see the rest!

  • Aaron - Sachin! That last frame, completely *nailed* it brother! (as usual) sensational work! You’re so on my favourites wish list for 2015!

  • Nick Evans - I’m with Bryan – that last frame is all sorts of goodness. Love it!

  • bryan - last frame is unreal. killer work.

Myanmar Documentary Portrait Photographer

Over the last few days, I’ve been reflecting on what has been a truly incredible 4 weeks in SE Asia. The things I experienced and learnt will never be forgotten. The world is an amazing and beautiful place.

Here’s one frame from Kalaw in Myanmar. I stumbled upon a temple and inside was able to sit with some of the novice monks while they studied that morning.

Myanmar Novice Monk Kalaw

More coming soon..

In other news, my wedding season kicks off this Sunday and I can’t wait for what awesomeness 2015 is going to bring.


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Wedding & Portrait Photographer based in Vancouver

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Wedding Photographer Vancouver

My 2014

Wedding Photographer Vancouver

My 4th year as a full time wedding photographer, and my second year as one based in Vancouver, was a great one. I love shooting in Vancouver and this year I was able to explore more of British Columbia, documenting weddings in Kelowna, Revelstoke, Penticton and Naramata Bench, as well as shooting destination weddings in the UK as well as Cuba and Italy. I was also invited to be part of a street photographers collective, The 8 Street and we went to Istanbul, Turkey for a few days too. Lots of travel and adventure. Epic.

This blog post was many hours in the making. It’s always tough to select images that define a year but I’m stoked with my selection and hope you enjoy it too.

Big thanks to each couple for choosing me to capture their days and to do what I love so much. A massive thanks also to Ed Peers, Andy Gaines, Taryn Baxter, Jakob Granqvist who I had the pleasure of joining at some weddings this year.

2015 is set to be a great one, and I can’t wait to get started.

But for now, here is my 2014.

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  • Martine Duprey - Absolutely love your work…from one photographer to another…totally inspirational.

  • Sabrina Kolotylo - So awesome!! Such a rad year for you!

  • tim - wtf Sachin! this kicks ass!

  • Adonye Jaja - Insanity Bra!

  • caroline - wow, sachin. sooooooooo much goodness in here. what an incredible year you have made for yourself, friend.

  • Andrea - I have followed you for a while now and LOVE everything you do! Exceptional work Sachin!

  • Tyler - well this is amazing. what a year.

  • Dado Calabresi - Amazing year Sachin!! Keep inspire!!

  • Teresa K - What a phenomenal year Sachin…so many breathtaking images in this set. It’s always a pleasrue to see good peple succeeding in this business. Here’s to 2015 friend!!

  • Aubrey - Serious shivers here. You are just incredible.

  • Adam Riley - Awesome dude! Loads of amazing frames, I love the lantern shot at the end the most :-)

  • Heather J - I’ve had this tab open for over a day waiting until I had time to devote to really looking through this and it’s seriously so lovely Sachin. Well done in 2014.

  • bryan - wow, these are all incredible! amazing collection.

  • Andy Gaines - Yes mate! I love your sense of style (and your sofa bed!) – here’s to an immense 2015!

  • /mariahedengren - Seriously Sachin, WHAT A YEAR!

  • Luke Hayden - So fresh. Loving this post mate. Going to scroll to the top and do it all over again.

  • Jacqueline Elizabeth - I started going through this post and was making mental notes of my favourites.. lets just say I lost track ;) Absolutely stunning work Sachin!

  • heather nan - Damn. You did 2014 well. Slow clap…

  • Amber Hughes - Sweet year in review Sach! Totally pumped to make the cut ;)

  • Steven Markow - Stunning. I could look at this all day. Hope you have a great 2015 :)

  • Benjamin Toms - Out of this work just stunning.

  • Elissa - Sachinnnnnn! Stop! You’re so good. This is such a fantastic wrap-up post. I hope your 2015 is equally (or more) beautiful!

  • Lyndsey Goddard - great round up Sach, hope 2015 is just as amazing for you. Loved shooting with you in Istanbul and hoping you make it for the Berlin adventure!

  • naomi - oh man sach. visiting your site is always such a fricking pleasure. best of luck for 2015, can’t wait to see what you bring.

  • Steve Gerrard - Mate. Seriously! SO good. I love your photography and the vibrant, emotional, fun and creative images you create. A mega year!
    All the best for 2015 bud….

  • Jon S6 - awesome dude, rippin it up!

  • Matt Parry - That final image…and that silhouette group shot….BOOM! Great year Sachin!

  • Sam Gibson - Yeaaaaa boiiiii! That’s a roundup and a half. Amazing tones, great emotion, beautiful scenery… really timeless work dude. Stunning

  • Bhav - Smashed it. Really enjoyed going through these images, every image is as lush as the other. xx

  • Adam - Love it mate. All of it.

  • Rahul Khona - Seriously insane year bro. This year is only gonna be bigger and better!

  • Peter Ghobrial - Most Epic of Epicness! Totally smashed it! Here’s to an even better 2015!

  • Tomasz Wagner - Heaps of unique and awesome moments were let loose today. Nice post, Sachin.

  • Taylor - DAMN SACHIN! You rock. Literally EVERY FRAME. Heres to a 2015 where I hope we get to shoot together a little!!

  • Michael - Incredible year, Sachin! All the best for 2015.

  • Jade - Amazing – love each one though I might be partial to ours :) Awesome work.

  • Jonathan David - Dude – absolutely killer year!!

  • shelly - Totally bloody brilliant! That is all.

  • Sam Docker - Bloody loved every single scroll of this web page, I didn’t want it to end!!! Marvellous work Sachin!

  • Anushé Low - Khona!!!! Wowsers…fantastic collection my friend! I love love love that image of the patterned floor & Indian lady, incredible work dudio xxx

  • John Hope - Man, this is one of the finest Best Ofs out there. So freaking good. Take a bow son!

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