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The start to each calendar year is always a good time to explore and play.

And its always good to jam with Alissa Hansen.

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  • James Fear - Sachin stunning use of light and subject – bravo

  • Amy Barton - Very moody and atmospheric Sachin – I love a creative project!

  • Albert Palmer - Cool use of light Sachin – really moody and cool looking!

  • Teresa K - I’m seeing red in the best way possible…awesome stuff Sachin!

Fantasy Farms Wedding

New Years Eve 2015, Toronto

Jessica + Bernard

What a way to end the year 2015 …


I flew out to Toronto to hang with Jessica, Bernard and their awesome family and friends. We’ve only met a few times, but from the moment I landed in Ontario, I felt I was with family.

Jessica and Bernard chose to have their wedding back at home in Toronto, on New Year’s Eve with family flying in from all over the world and around Canada to be with them at Fantasy Farms. It was an epic party, made even more epic because they started the new year and their new life with everyone that means so much to them.

I feel truly honoured to have been a part of your day guys ..  It was magic.

Here are a few preview images for now ..

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  • Teresa K - Love, happiness, and really killer pics…that’s what it’s really all about, yes?

  • Dom - YES. YES. YES. Love it Sach :) x

  • Isabelle Hesselberg - Just amazing, so perfectly captured! Awesome portraits & storytelling, love this!

  • tobiah - stunning, cool, beautiful and stylish all at once!

  • Damian - Wow that last party shot!!Almost makes me wish I had been there.

  • Jack Chauvel - What a way to ring in the new year! Great stuff Sachin :)

  • Anton Chia - I just love it! Great BW portrait in the trees.

  • Amy Barton - Wow – that’s one heck of a party right there! Awesome all round!

  • Josef Largoza - Amazing photos!

  • therese winberg - beautiful captured Sachin, looks like a great time to spend your New Years!

  • Jay Andre Hulario - Excellent shots Sachin! I’m glad to have met you. Great job on huslting around everywhere!

  • Tyler - new years eve weddings. so freakin fun. rad work dude.

Diamond Gastown Wedding

Camila and Joe

Camila and Joe tied the knot in style at The Diamond in Gastown on Sunday. Starting with a beautiful first look at the Four Seasons, we then strolled around Gastown for some more portraits before heading to the ceremony and a relaxed evening of cocktails and canapes before some pretty crazy partying.

Here are a few preview frames from a day filled with so much love and joy.. Honoured to have been a part of this one.

Congratulations Camila and Joe!

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  • Teresa K - What a fantastic little set. Soooo good!!! I think the one of her smiling up at him is my favorite!

  • Isabelle - Great work!

  • bryan - stunning work as usual! parking garage image ftw!

  • Camila - You captured our day so beautifully. We are forever grateful :)

  • Darren gair - Stunning Sachin, your composition is out of this world.

  • Per Henning - I really love the bws! nice work Sachin!

Bodega Ridge Galiano Island Wedding

Pamy and Jake

Bodega Ridge Galiano Island Wedding

Congratulations Pamy and Jake!

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Naramata Wedding

Kate and Lucas

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  • Ziemka - They look gorgeous together!

  • Magdalena - Fantastic set

  • Teresa K - I do adore your work friend, and this set does not disappoint!!

  • Mercedes - So pretty! Looking forward to the rest.

  • Heather K - Breathtaking work <3

  • Dom - Such gorgeous frames, my favourite is number one. Love the angle, the pose and the feeling.

  • Amy Barton - YES! Just YES! Love the framing of the second shot.

  • Mitch Arnett - Great preview my friend, can’t wait to see the rest. Gotta love a couple that’s down to hike around a bit :-)

  • Briana Morrison - Beautiful! Those first two shots especially. <3

  • Sarah - Goodness gracious these are pretty!

  • James Fear - Whaaaaaaat -toooooo much rad in one post

  • Albert Palmer - Mad frames – those first three are so good and I’d be proud of any one of them

  • Anton Chia - Were these shot by an artist? Yes! Sachin is the artist!

  • Darren Gair - OH WHAT … these rock my world bro. So so good

Tsawwassen Wedding Photographer

Leah + Tyler

“It’s like rain .. on a wedding day …”

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  • Mark B - Great photographs. Its hard when the weather turns against you but you’ve pulled off some cracking shots despite this.

  • Scott Wilson - Fantastic that they just got on with it in the rain and some great photos in there!

  • Sarah - YES YES YES to getting married outside it the rain! Absolutely beautiful!

  • Paul Krol - You have a talent at capturing frames in such ways and colours and tones that convey the mood at the time and let the viewer almost feel like they were there.

  • Alma Raja Limbong - Simply gorgeous. You are amazing!!

  • Jessica Schilling - This is gorgeous! Love how they embraced the rain!

  • Sharon da Silva - Beautiful photos!xxx

  • Corinne Knuth - just beautiful….want to see more soon…

  • Alexis Jaworski - Fantastic work mate and what a great attitude from the couple. I actually love the rain, it makes it even more magical!

  • Albert Palmer - Yeah, I can only echo what people have already said: Killer work! Plenty of portfolio material in that one short post

  • Fiona Fanning Dunphy - Gorgeous photos. Can’t wait to see more.

  • Matt Herrington - Your images truley inspire me Sachin, so awesome. Looking forward to the full post!

  • Nick Evans - These are rad Sachin. Love the candids on the beach.

  • Lee Harrison - Killing it as always man! Awesome work :)

  • Veronica Varos - Oh my goodness, that first kiss shot. Swoon!

  • Dom - I loved every picture dude, nailed it.

  • bryan - KILLER. wet hair ftw.

  • Luke Hayden - Nicely done mate.

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