Aubrey and Soush // Penticton Wedding Photographer

Aubrey and Soushiant

Penticton Wedding Photographer

22 August, 2014

Penticton Wedding PhotographerAubrey and Soushiant picked one of the most beautiful areas of British Columbia to get married in. Naramata Bench is located in the Okanagan Valley, just north of Penticton and its also known for producing amazing wine. Originally from Vancouver, Aubrey and Soushiant planned their entire wedding pretty much from London, England, so we met over Skype and then met a few weeks before their big day to go over their ideas and plans over some coffee.

Friends and family flew in from all over the world to be present on their wedding day (look out for the sign post and see how many countries are listed below) and I had the pleasure of bringing out my good friend Adonye Jaja from the US to work his magic at this wedding too.

The wedding day started off unexpectedly. After some really glorious BC weather in August, the rain came … and the morning of the wedding, the rain stopped and started up again several times. We woke up to see Aubrey moving wedding details from the rain to under cover, while keeping calm and embracing the day for what it was. The boys left after breakfast for their morning shave and the girls started to get ready, drinking champagne and working on sign posts, while others prepared the ceremony site or helped with final bits and pieces. I kept an eye on the weather as I’m sure everyone did, hoping that it would stop, if only briefly for Aubrey and Soush’s Persian outdoor ceremony.

Literally 5 minutes before the ceremony, the rain stopped.

I couldn’t believe what a turnaround the weather then bought. Beautiful BC sunshine for the rest of the day and a truly epic wedding and celebration.

Congratulations Aubrey and Soush!

Onto the story ..

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 Big thanks to Serenata Guest House for being such amazing hosts and a fantastic venue for Aubrey and Soush’s wedding. It was also fantastic to work with Limelight Studio who documented the wedding on video beautifully. You can check out their magic here. Finally, thanks to Vintage Origami for their decor, DJ Ali Fard for music and Joy Road for catering.

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