The last day – Creative Live day 5 with Jasmine Star

Today was a pretty emotional day.
The last 5 days have been, quite frankly, incredible. Sometimes, I wonder where my life will take me and if my photography career will ever launch or when I’ll book my first wedding as the prime shooter. Days like today ground me, and make me realise there are lots of photographers out there with the same insecurities as I have. But we will make it work. Together.

Jasmine told me off air to just start running. Once I can make Canada my new home, I certainly will.. I just have to be patient a little while longer.

[After the wedding, I was outside with JD & Jasmine Star as they shared a moment to take in the fact they had just completed this mammoth task]

You did it Jasmine & JD!

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. For some crazy reason, the stars aligned perfectly and it allowed Nate, Audrey, Victoria, Stephanie and I to connect with Jasmine for this live workshop to the world. I don’t think it has settled in yet that I was even a part of it, that it was live to the world, that everyone was watching, listening and scribbling down notes.

Its so important to have a community within the photography industry. Different countries have different cultures and views on this, but I’m a firm believer that we will grow together. I have grown a lot these last few days and I hope I continue to.

It’s important that we seek inspiration but then take action on our ideas. I had conversations separately with various people about inspiration. With Nate Perkes on the night before Day 1 about Chase Jarvis’ post on inspiration, then with Michal Garcia the second day and again today with Craig of Creative Live during lunch.

Its important to be inspired, but its more important to be inspired and take action. I have a to-do list the size of .. well, its pretty big..  But I’m going to make an active decision to revisit that list as often as I can to make sure I’m achieving my goals.

I’ve worked hard to get to where I am, and there is still a long, long way to go. I like the challenge and embrace it.
Jasmine this last week has been like a mother in some ways to a child learning to ride a bike. This is now the bit where she lets go and we see if we can stay balanced and ride the rest of the journey, turn around and say ”hey, I did it!”

I wish you the best in your journey.


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  • Beth - Thank you for opening up and sharing the experience and light bulb moments with all of us. I love the open transparent vibe that comes from Jasmine and now all of you who went. It is liberating, encouraging, and just awesomely overwhelming. I realize the potential for growth from your post when you talked about meeting and being around other photogs. Any insight on how you will go about connecting with others in your new area and words of advice for others? Thank you so much!

  • JosephineSicad - Wonderful heartfelt thoughts Sachin…i'm pretty sure there are grander things coming for you and can't wait to see that!
    I've learned a LOT,like HEAPS from the show and yeah, going over my notes to TAKE ACTION on them,too step by step. =p
    You are inspiring. Thanks for writing this!

  • Rob Northover - Hey Sachin … made the move from the UK to Canada myself :) Been following you all on the course … congrats and good luck in the future!



  • Marta VonGrey - It was really great to learn along side you and all the other photographers this last week. It's nice to see others in a similar spot in their careers and know I'm not alone. You are absolutely right about how important the photographic community is. We've gotta have each others backs. I really love your work and I wish you the best of luck with your career. It was nice to meet you at WPPI and visit alittle. Maybe I'll see you in Vegas. Good Luck!!

  • Smita - Sachin, you did awesome! It was amazing to watch you all out there! You inspired me! And it's nice to see a fellow indian out there :)

  • Mark - Hi, I was trying to get a question through to you during the live show but I guess there wasn't time.

    I was wondering as a photographer in the UK, and one who isn't exactly in such a busy area as London with high class and high paying clients, what motivated you to move to Canada to ditch your day job and start fresh?

    (My mistake if it was the US and not Canada but there was some cross talk at the time me thinks)

  • Adam Graham - I very much appreciated hearing your input and questions throughout the 5 days. I found you students almost as inspiring as Jasmine and I loved the shots you showed on the last day.

    We'll be happy to have you in Canada. How about the East Coast this time? ;)

  • Victoria (AKA KookyCatChick) - I got all teary-eyed the first time I read this post in the hotel, and now sitting in my office at home, I am feeling those same emotions rushing back. I love your photography, the way you write and express your feelings, your sense of humour and your passion for all things photography-related. It was SO great getting to know you in Seattle and I am looking forward to watching how this experience will help you evolve as a photographer and a business person. I just know you're going to hit it out of the park.

  • Claire - It was great getting to know you and your work via Creative Live! What an amazing 5 days this was. You guys must be soo exhausted!! Thank you for the inspiration and agree!!! I am ready to take action and keep going with my new adventure!!

  • Rammal - John lenon nailed it when he said, ” You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one – one day you'd join us and the world will live as one.”

    Great post Sachin, I love how you said we would do it some day! :)

    - Rammal from Pakistan.

  • Small burst - what a beautiful post. I have no doubt in my mind that you'll get your chance to be the primary shooter! You are very talented and I truly, truly, wish you luck in your journey.

  • Nilesh (Neil) Patel - HI, Sachin I was waching Creative live. yes its true whn stars aligne. great things hapens in life, n connect to different peple in life. whn back to normal n have few min do visit my web site like to stay in touch with you. how our work improves n grow to gether…Thnx Neil

  • Noa - Sachin – thank you so much for your perspective. I watched the live feed the entire 5 days, and if I'M exhausted, I can't imagine how you guys must be feeling!! You did an awesome job (loved your 2 images) and I'm sure that you'll be able to take your business to the next level. A year ago J* inspired me to make my hobby of photography to the next level. And just like you said – I was inspired and TOOK ACTION. Wishing you all the luck!!!


  • Kenna Klosterman - Sachin – love love loved experiencing this week with you and the creativeLIVE 5 in person. My challenge is also taking all of these ideas and putting them into action. But the beauty is that I am so excited about this challenge. Moreso than ever before. The stars certainly aligned for me as well. I look forward to your future involvement with CL once you've settled in Vancouver! KIR. Your photographs are just beautiful! -kenna

  • ipbrian - Totally true Sachin. It was a totally emotional week. I have been trying to write a blog post around my feelings of the week, it has been hard thus far, but I think so far it really echos what you have written. Congrats on such an awesome experience.

  • Brownsugar_babe13 - I am inspired by reading this. Well done Sach, love what youre doing. xx

  • Lesley - I totally agree, it has been an incredible 5 days… even for those of us tuning in at home! Thanks for all your behind the scenes updates. It's a great reminder to be inspired but then to take action – I'm guilty of having lots of ideas and only executing a teeny tiny fraction.

    Your images are amazing and I am sure you will be successful. We'd be so happy to have you here in Canada! :)

  • Dianne - Bunny Trails - Great post. What an amazing adventure – even from the other side of the screen. Just a funny side note – I read your posts in your voice, after hearing you in class. LOL! I look forward to seeing how this will change everyone – the CreativeLive Five, as well as those of us out here in internet-land. I've already had a huge epiphany from the last day of class – totally unrelated to photography, but significantly related to my life. Blessings to you, as you take the jump and begin to fly, Sachin.

  • sachinkhona - Thank you all. I have so much support from so many of you. I am blessed to be this lucky.

    THANK YOU a million times


  • Faith Bowyer - Sorry, my site is:
    I'm the same as Ann, I don't like to leave 'anonymous' comments and forgot to leave it the first time. ha ha.

  • Faith Bowyer - Sachin this is amazing. I look forward to seeing what you do in the future. I enjoyed watching every minute of the CreativeLive course over the past 5 days. I'm in the same position as you in my photography career but reading your post as reassured me to keep trying.
    I'm slightly envious that you were able to learn from Jasmine in person, and I hope to go to one of her workshops someday.
    The creativelive 5 looked like such an awesome group, and I'll be following all of your blogs in the months to come.
    Take Care,
    Faith Bowyer

  • Melanie - Great post Sachin! This comment, “Its important to be inspired, but its more important to be inspired and take action.” really hit a nerve with me. I think I have a ton of inspiration but with that I also have a ton of fear of taking action. Something I have to work on. Thanks again for sharing your experience with all of us. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  • Allison Suter - It was great “getting to know you” all week on the course Sachin. I think you're going to be an amazing first shooter and I have no doubt your portfolio and your charm will get you a plethora of Canadian brides! You've got yourself another follower in me, that's for sure!

  • Mireille - Sachin, this must have been an experience and memory that will last you a live time. What an opportunity to have shared that. I was so glad I already bought the downloads so I could see what you guys did the next morning. The creativelive 5 have been the voices of so many photographers around the world and that is truly great. Good luck with everything you do.

  • Candis Sabean - It's been a pleasure to follow along with you these past five days, the questions you asked resonated with many of us online, your behind-the-scenes views/photographs and your heartfelt posts are truly appreciated. Best of luck with your move, and as a fellow Canadian I can't wait for you to get here and start running. :-)

  • Felix - Hey Sachin, this was certainly a great experience for everyone, We followed all days online and already it was amazing, I can't imagine how it would've been being there.
    I've already added you to my google reeader.

  • Maria Thomas - I have watched the live feed online and I am so jealous that you guys get to be there live in person. Best of luck to you and like Peter said just keep it real and have a fun with it.


  • Ann - Sorry…nothing worse than anonymous comments!
    My website is


  • Ann - Beautifully written Sachin. You where a pleasure to watch as well as the rest of the crew. Remember to surround yourself with people who reflect who you are and who you want to be…it'll keep you real and keep you stretching further.
    I quite my job 5mths ago and went full-time as a commercial photographer. Its scary but I wouldn't choose any other life…pursue your dream…

  • Anna-Lena - I have been watching as much as I could, from Sweden, the time difference made it difficult ;-) Your photos are so beautyful and I´m think you will be a great Wedding photographer.
    I´m loooking forevard to se your progress in photogrophy:-)
    Anna-Lena in Sweden

  • MJ - Loved this post~love your work~but most of all love you! This is your destiny~keep shooting for the stars~ they are in your favor!~XO

  • Peter hearl - What a great 5 days, well done to every body involved, Jasmine is right Sachin “just start running” go for it. I have been doing wedding for a year now and I really enjoy it, I started as a 1st and don't have a second shooter, its very hard covering the whole day on your own. Think after watching the course I might start using a second shooter,

    Best of luck Sacin, “just keep it real” and have a great time.


  • Arios - Beautiful thoughts! I have a very good feeling that you are on your way to be BIG! Congratulations! Thanks so much for sharing so much with us.
    Good luck!

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